Dutchie is Running

Sweet, got the first of 3 running today. It is great on the flats, but uphill is a whole different ballgame. It is like accelerating up a cliff when I ride up a slight grade.

I’ll take the exhaust off and clean it, as I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been done in a while, if ever.

As a side note, the petcock I used was an OMG from a Magnum, which is also 15.5mm.


Project Bikes Update

So, after cleaning and soaking all three carbs, each of which is quite different than the Puch Bing, although the Flying Dutchman has a square bing, which is similar…I have determined that I need the following to start getting these guys running:

  • Flying Dutchman Petcock…bigger than Pug, Gar or Puch’s. (I may just end up making an adapter for the fuel tank petcock connection so I can use a standardized nut size, but we’ll see…)
  • Garelli Starter Assembly (prolly just do a complete regrip w/ decomp)
  • Regrip Pug as well w/ decomp
  • Regrip Dutchie w/ decomp
  • Pug belt
  • Clear Fuel Line tubing (I do hate the opaque tubing where you can’t see fuel flow…)
  • New spark plugs for all 3
  • 3 sets 16″x2.25″ tires
  • Bronze Brillo Pad and Chrome Polish

I’m going to start on the petcock issue on the Dutchie, because I am of the opinion that it’s most likely the only thing keeping it from starting. Then we’ll go from there.

If anyone knows of a place to find larger intake ported petcocks, I’d love to know where you can find them. Hit me up.

Peace duders.


3 New Project Bikes

Here are some pics of the 3 project bikes I just got today…

I’m so excited. I’m soaking carbs now.

1980 Peugot 102SP

1978 Garelli

1977 Flying Dutchman

I’ve got my work cut out for me and I can’t wait to get started.

Click through to the Halfwits Sorcery Flickr Pool on the right to see more pics.


Got the Puch Running Again!

So, after the ZA50 work and replacing the case bearings for the new case cover my Sport MKII is running like a champ again. I can’t wait to get it back on some proper rides.

Jed has offered tolet me borrow his 50cc hi-comp head, so we’ll see what that does for performance, but I ended up taking the hi-flow air filter off and replacing it with the stock airbox because I was just running way too lean. It immediately shot back up from 25 on flats to 30+ again, so things seem to be right in the universe again. Next purchase will be a performance exhaust, but for now the derestricted stock pipe shall have to do.

I’ve added the bearing removal and installation videos to the ZA50 breakdown post, but there’s really not much to it unless you just wanna see how I did it.  Otherwise, here are the basic instructions from what I did:

Heat gun set at 1100°F, heat up the inside of the case around each bearing for a few minutes and turn it over and slam it against a smooth hard surface a couple times. Bearings just fall right out with a little cajoling. Then after having your new bearings in the fridge for a half an hour or so (I hear you can blast them with an upside down compressed air can to cool them sufficiently as well), heat up the case around one bearing inset at a time and drop them in. I used a rubber mallet and the handle of my 1/2″ ratchet, which fit perfectly onto the inner race of each bearing ring, to tap into place. You shouldn’t have to tap very hard if the case is heated enough and the bearings are cool enough. Mine went right in.


ZA50 Breakdown Videos

My Puch Sport MKII’s ZA50 had a loose 1st gear nut and after pulling away from a stoplight, it blew the bearing ring out through the clutch case cover.  Here is the breakdown and reassembly I had to do to get it running again.

This was the first time I ever took apart my motor, so please excuse the fact that I may have used the wrong terminologies at times…however, I feel SO much closer and more in tune with my bike now that it’s running again.  Hopefully these videos will help some people know what to expect when they open up their case and not have to experience some of the trials and tribulations that I faced going in.


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Rat Pug Build up part 3

Well the bike is 99% together.  I got everything together except i am missing the parmakit o ring for the water seal on the cylinder kit.  Burn..  I checked the interenets but to no alas.   I emailed treats, so we shall see soon…..

camera broke so no pictures…..


Rat Pug Build Up part 2

Back to the shop for more fixings and pleasantries.   I am building a monster.  

  1. Polini 4 petal reed case
  2. ParmaKit Crank
  3. ParmaKit 70cc 46mm water cooled cylinder kit
  4. 19 mm dellorto sha 
  5. Polini Radiator
  6. Bosch auxilary water pump from a MB slk230
  7. BikePuter (for accurate Mph)

All parts except the radiator arrived by yesterday.  I got the motor together tonight, It well oiled and sealed up.   The stator and the clutch have been installed.  Tomorrow I will put it back on the bike, hook up the carb and attempt to crank and tune it.

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